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This was the last photo of our brother, Mikey, taken on 12/26/21 before Inspira Medical Center ignored his real medical emergency so they could mistreat him for Covid, instead, and make a hell of a lot more money!


Located in the upper right abdomen, the liver is the largest solid organ in the body.  It holds about 13% of the body's blood supply at any given moment and is responsible for more than 500 vital functions

Besides removing harmful toxins such as bacteria, chemicals and waste from the blood, the liver also creates immune factors that resist infections and it breaks down, balances and creates essential nutrients.

The liver is also a gland because it makes enzymes and hormones that other parts of the body needs.  It regulates glucose and blood clotting plus metabolizes drugs into forms that the body can use or that are no-toxic.

The metabolic by-products are then excreted into the bile or blood. Bile by-products enter the intestine and leave the body as feces.  Blood by-products are filtered out by the kidneys and leave the body as urine.


Due to these

important activities,

the liver is exposed

to a number of insults

and is the organ most

subject to injury.


Drugs, food additives, alcohol, chlorinated solvents and other man-made or natural toxins that cause liver damage are called Hepatotoxins.  This state of impairment is called Toxic Liver, Toxic Hepatitis, Liver Toxicity and Hepatotoxicity.

When the damage is specifically caused by a drug, it's called a Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI).  If not properly treated, harmful toxins and waste will build up in the blood and damage all of the other organs, including the brain.


In Mikey's case, he had taken too much Tylenol for a headache which resulted in an APAP Poisoning.  He, soon, began experiencing fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and discomfort in his right side which are all symptoms of Liver Damage.

APAP, short for N-acetyl-para-aminophenol but better known as acetaminophen or paracetamol, is the active ingredient in Tylenol.  It may reduce fever and relieve minor aches and pains but it's not an anti-inflammatory.

APAP is also contained in hundreds of Other Products and when taken in excess causes severe liver injury, sometimes resulting in death.  Just taking the recommended dosages can cause moderate liver damage in healthy individuals. 

TYLENOL DAMAGE_edited_edited_edited.jpg

It didn't take much APAP to poison Mikey and damage his liver due to his Pre-Existing Liver Dysfunction and the long term use of cholesterol lowering drugs, referred to as Statins, which also cause liver damage.


Mikey was also sweating a lot which is another symptom of liver damage so he was very dehydrated.  His Hepatotoxicity was confirmed by elevated liver enzymes in his blood tests so he was quickly admitted for Treatment on 01/03/22.


More Symptoms of Liver Damage are headache, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite, dryness, rash, itching, paleness, spider angiomas, red eyes/skin, blurred vision, dark colored urine, light colored stool, weight loss or gain, tremors and breath odor.

Pain from liver swelling is often reported in the upper right abdomen but can also be felt in the back, shoulders, neck, eyes and joints.  Difficulty Breathing is also common due to liver swelling, fluid build-up and toxins in the blood.

Brain function also gets affected due to the toxins in the blood so these patients are disoriented and confused making them easy targets for health insurance and Covid Relief fraud, especially when no visitors are allowed!




Mikey's mistreatment with

Congressman Jeff VanDrew

Instead of decontaminating Mikey's stomach with Activated Charcoal, administering the antidote (Acetylcysteine) to help heal his liver and IV Fluids to rehydrate him, the hospital gave him steroids and a potent diuretic called Lasix.

There was no good reason, whatsoever, to give Lasix (Furosemide) to Mikey since he was already very dehydrated due to diarrhea and sweating from his APAP Poisoning which was his real medical emergency, not Covid.

Over 400 years ago, alchemist and physician Paracelsus (1493–1541) said, "All substances are poisons;  there is none that is not a poison.  The Right Dose differentiates a poison from a remedy"...


So, obviously, giving more harmful substances such as Drugs or other chemicals to a patient with liver damage will only increase the amount of poisons in their blood and cause more organ damage...


It would be just like

adding fuel to a fire

and WE DON'T need

a medical degree to

 figure that out, right?


Since the liver is also responsible for blood clotting, mistreatment can lead to easy bleeding resulting in rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, low blood pressure and body temperature, pale skin, dizziness, weakness and pain.


You may also notice yellow skin and eyes (Jaundice), swelling/fluid build-up in the hands, ankles and feet (Edema), swelling/fluid build-up in the abdomen (Ascites) that can put pressure on the diaphragm causing Breathing Trouble and pain.

An infection may occur in the Ascites but the doctors will pretend that they don't know where it's coming from or they'll refer to it as sepsis or systemic inflammation but it's really Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis and no mystery, at all!

Does any of this

sound familiar to you?  

I bet it does if you

recently lost a loved one

due to "Covid" or,

I should say, due to 

Acute Liver Failure!

Acute+Liver+Failure (1).png

In fact, all doctors who are owned by Big Pharma are pretending that they don't know what's causing liver damage or the very obvious signs, symptoms and lab values of it and, then, the many Complications of Acute Liver Failure.


They intentionally misuse terminology like "bruise" or "hematoma" instead of internal bleeding or hemorrhage and "with Covid" or "illness" instead of Drug Induced Liver Injury or Hepatotoxicity to mislead family members.


There's proof on that hospitals are neglecting and mistreating patients, including young children, who were poisoned by drugs.  It's also very suspicious that their website hasn't been updated since Covid began!


Table 18 proves that APAP is actually the #1 Cause of Fatalities due to poisoning, especially when you add the APAP Alone and APAP Combinations together...  It's NOT Miscellaneous, Pharmaceutical or Illegal Preparations!

I misspoke in video, below, regarding the number of Human Exposures (Table 16A) to Activated Charcoal Administered in 2020...  It's really 33,654 out of 2,128,198 for all exposures and 4,007 out of 886,342 for children 5 or less.

Out of 105,861 Acetaminophen Cases (Table 22B) reported in 2020, only 27,099 were treated with NAC (Table 15), the antidote, which is 100% effective when given within 10 hours and, still, very effective after that.


Instead of decontaminating these victims or administering the antidotes, the hospitals are allowing the poisons to travel throughout their bodies then giving them Other (Table 15) drugs that are causing more harm and deaths.

I'm sure that these neglects and mistreatments have only gotten worse since Covid with the hospitals pushing Tylenol for everything.  They even give it, regularly, to patients who are not in pain during their hospital and rehabilitation stays!

I have made Tylenol, the Department of Health, Congressman Jeff VanDrew and Senator Mike Testa aware of my findings but none of them have said a word or done anything about it...  which is exactly what I had expected!


Vice Chairman, Arvene Kilby, was only interested in defending the doctors and blaming Tylenol while Senator Mike Testa wouldn't even look me in the eyes but kept making jokes about getting punched in the liver and even imitating it.


I've personally known Arvene and Mike, for a few years, but neither one of them offered their condolences regarding my brother's death or expressed any concerns whatsoever regarding the mistreatment of overdose/poisoning victims.


Even though most of the overdose/poisoning victims are young children, it seems that our so-called representatives care more about whale lives than human lives!


Where's the call for concern... by our president, proper examinations and investigations or breaking the silence regarding these suspicious Covid deaths?


BTW, did you know that hospitals get $50,000 in government money just for admitting someone "with" Covid?  They also get extra money for everything they do, if Covid related, then receive huge bonuses for reaching a certain number of "Covid" patients per day! 


Lastly, hospitals convince family members that their loved ones died of Covid instead of Liver Damage/Disease so that extensive medical bills and all of the funeral expenses will also be paid for by our government which is all really being paid for by us, the taxpayers. 

maxresdefault (3).jpg

And get this, all mistreatment that is fraudulently labeled as Covid related makes hospitals and doctors immune to lawsuits!  Well, a Poisoning/DILI is not an uncommon Emergency and the signs, symptoms and lab values follow 4 distinct stages so it's easy to recognize.  

There's also an extremely effective antidote for APAP Poisoning called N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) and the liver is capable of repairing itself if allowed to do so without re-injuring it with more drugs or other chemicals.

APAP is, actually, the #1 cause of Acute Liver Failure (ALF) in the world so hospitals are, medically and legally, required to administer NAC whenever an APAP Poisoning is just suspected, no matter how long it had been.

Of course, there are no recent statistics on this since most illnesses and deaths are blamed on Covid, now, but Drug-Induced Liver Injuries were responsible for over 60,000 emergency department visits, annually, in the past. 

Sadly, most people are not aware that they have already had liver (and kidney) disease for many years because their doctors don't tell them and even hide and lie about it but there are many lab values and symptoms that prove it.

There is no doubt that this number has greatly increased due to being, constantly, terrorized by the media with Covid and, then, our hospitals pushing Tylenol use for it when it's really much more harmful than helpful.











The underlined words "have had" and "during" in the WebMD screenshot, below, mean that these so-called COVID-19 patients have damaged their livers with APAP or another hepatotoxic drug while medicating for a virus or injury...


If this happens to you, do not allow a hospital to mistreat you for "Covid" or give you anything other than NAC because it will cause Acute Liver Failure (ALF) or, if you have pre-existing liver disease, Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF).


Especially, if using

cholesterol lowering

drugs and/or alcohol,

at the same time!

It's the hospital drugs that are killing people with pre-existing liver disease, not Covid or the "after effects" of it... See ACLF mortality rates, below, and don't ever believe that it's more important to get treated for Covid instead of liver damage.


See Covid Live - Coronavirus Statistics which seems to include all Coronaviruses that infect humans, not just Covid.  It definitely does not factor in those who weren't tested, nor does it rule out other causes so the CMR is actually much lower.

Just the fact that Mikey took Lipitor (Atorvastatin), for many years, to lower his cholesterol was proof that he had pre-existing liver disease since the liver is responsible for making cholesterol, using it and getting rid of the excess.


Mikey had just started taking a new drug called TriCor (Fenofibrate) which is probably what triggered his illness, in the first place... I also wonder why the TriCor was even added to his medications or used to replace the Lipitor, at that time.


Nobody knows, except the hospital, whether Mikey was taking the Lipitor and TriCor together or if he switched to TriCor, alone...  He, then, had a beer or two at our Christmas party and started taking Tylenol, soon, after that for a headache. 


Besides being verbally informed, all of this becomes extremely apparent to the doctors in Blood and Imaging Tests so they definitely knew about Mikey's liver damage but chose to mistreat him for Covid anyway knowing that it would kill him!


The use of statin drugs, alone, is a HUGE CONTRAINDICATION for administering Covid drugs besides the most important fact that Mikey was really admitted to the hospital for an APAP Poisoning resulting in Liver Damage, not for Covid.


You also need to be very aware that even your primary care doctor will hide liver disease and damage and other VERY SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS, from you, just like they did to my brother, mother and many others that I've spoke with.

MAKE SURE to get a copy of your bloodwork and RESEARCH EVERYTHING.  Use the OMNI Calculator for your AST and ALT enzymes...  it doesn't matter if they are within a normal range, it's the ratio between them that determines liver disease.  


Although the hospital hid Mikey's real illness and condition from us after admitting him so they could mistreat him for "Covid" instead, you'll see that his Symptoms and Lab Findings followed the Clinical Stages of Acetaminophen Toxicity, exactly.

I believe that the hospital allowed Mikey's liver to recuperate a little bit in between giving him more Hepatotoxic Drugs as his symptoms seemed to improve for a day or two and then he would, suddenly and suspiciously, become very ill again.  


You can see all of the updates on Mikey's medical condition at the bottom of the page but below are a few of them referring to his Tylenol (APAP) Poisoning and Elevated Liver Enzymes which are always an indication of liver damage.


The terms damage and disease both mean that Liver Function is compromised...  and, yes, elevated liver enzymes may be temporary but it's important to remember that it takes a couple of weeks to several months for the liver to heal.


You should also be aware that once liver damage symptoms occur from APAP is that people tend to take even more of it or other drugs to try and lessen their symptoms which only makes their condition worse.  That's exactly what Mikey did! 


There is no direct evidence of liver infections due to Covid and a DILI should always be taken into consideration before starting any drug treatment...  especially, after the use of APAP.   See General Guidelines used to Diagnose Liver Disease.


The importance of ALT and AST is that they are almost exclusively synthesized in the liver so finding them in the blood is not normal and should always be investigated as potential liver damage.  See Elevated Liver Enzymes: Causes and Treatment

Elevated liver enzymes occur in up to 58% of "Covid" patients which means that they are really Liver Disease/Damage patients being mistreated for Covid.  See: Elevated Liver Enzymes in Patients with COVID-19: Look, but Not Too Hard.


The information given on this website proves that Mikey actually died of Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF) and/or body fluid loss, not Covid, and that he actually died days before the hospital even began claiming that his health was failing due to lung damage.  


Please, Read about the liver functions but the main ones to remember in Mikey's case and, I'm sure, in millions of others with falsified medical records and death certificates is that the liver removes dangerous toxins from the blood and it regulates blood clotting.


You'll see photos of Mikey's severe hemorrhage that the hospital caused and other proof that he was going into Hypovolemic Shock just before they tried covering up their mistakes (or, I should say, their misdeeds) by intubating him.


FYI, I'm the one texting in green or blue and before you ask, no, I am not a medical doctor but I am related to a few...  One, named Nathan Smith, who is very famous because he started medical schools and invented a surgery that saved many lives.


I also consulted with numerous doctors and did a lot of research on this instead of letting the media brainwash me into believing that a cold virus which only affects the upper and lower respiratory system is killing everyone.


You'll notice in the updates on Mikey how his Liver Problems were ignored by my family, just like they were programmed to do and the hospital had expected, so they could carry out their diabolical plot without even being questioned. 


Poisoning/Intoxication/Overdose and DILI of any kind is always a Critical-Care Emergency, whether you have symptoms or not.  And, yes, Mikey was "pretty sick" but it was due to taking too much Tylenol for a headache, not due to Covid!


He already went through Stage 1 Hepatotoxicity, at home, and may have been either recovering or entering into Stage 2 when he, finally, went to the hospital and, exactly, why the ER doctor told him that he was being admitted.

He was not admitted for Covid and should NOT have been mistreated for it...  As I said before, administering more drugs, in this condition, is just adding more poison to the body since the liver is incapable of using or getting rid of any of it.


Hospitals are very well aware of this extremely deadly "protocol" so if they are participating in it, they are actually committing torture, murder and fraud which is exactly what Inspira Medical Center of Vineland did to Mikey!


Right after Mikey was admitted to the hospital, the doctors and nurses began ignoring, hiding and even lying about his true illness and condition so they could mistreat him with tons of very expensive Covid drugs, instead.


They pretended that Mikey was sick to his stomach due to a cough and, immediately, began administering cough suppressants, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, antivirals and other drugs that are also well known for causing liver damage.


Do you really think that the doctors, nurses and staff are so incompetent that they would keep giving Mikey more hepatotoxic drugs on top of his recent DILI and pre-existing liver disease without knowing that it would kill him?  I sure don't!


I truly believe that the oxygen mask was used to prevent Mikey from communicating, to us, what was really happening as every conversation was monitored and then interrupted by a nurse or loud noises.  


They, then, began hiding Mikey's Hemorrhage by referring to it as a hematoma.  A hematoma is a localized pool of mostly clotted blood so using that medical term was a misrepresentation of the truth.

You can clearly see that Mikey was hemorrhaging in the photo, below, taken on 01/20.  The dark red color in his liver area is an active bleeding site while the black color on his lower back is 4 - 5 days old.


I, initially, thought that Mikey's hemorrhage was caused by the hospital giving him too much blood thinner as that was what they falsely claimed but my cousin, who is a Urologist, told me that it was really Coagulopathy.

Besides clearing the body of drugs, waste and other toxins, the liver is also responsible for blood clotting which it can not do when damaged.  Other doctors say that the hospital inflicted Blunt Trauma on Mikey to cause his hemorrhage.

The hospital even went as far as using Lasix to hide Mikey's Ascites and arm restraints to hide his hand flapping, panic attacks and seizures as his brain became more damaged by the build-up of toxins in his blood called Hepatic Encephalopathy.

If continually mistreated, this will lead to a Hepatic Coma, multi-organ failure and death.  I'm sure that was the hospital's intention since they continuously gave the Lasix to Mikey which causes dehydration and Serious Electrolyte Imbalances.

Signs of Serious Electrolyte Imbalances: 

  • Blood Pressure Changes

  • Shortness of Breath

  • Confusion

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea and Vomiting

  • Rapid or Irregular Heartbeat

  • Weakness or Difficulty Moving

  • Frequent or Infrequent Urination

  • Extreme Thirst

  • Fainting

  • Seizure


Info taken from Medical News Today.

Why in the world would a hospital ever give a potent diuretic to a patient who's chief complaint was diarrhea and sweating or to anyone else with dehydration problems, like my 92 year old mother, when it's sure to dehydrate them some more?!

And just so you know,

Mikey's diarrhea was so bad that he even pooped his pants while driving to the hospital so the doctors and nurses can't claim that they were not aware of him losing a large amount of fluids!


Besides killing my brother and falsifying my mother's medical records, Inspira Medical Center also did this to my son.  According to three witnesses, the doctor put Olive oil on me so that my son would inhale it as he came out and stop breathing. 


This malicious act made a simple delivery charge go from $3,000 to well over $100,000 as they continued lying and mistreating my son for an infection that he did not even have proven by a negative bacterial culture and spinal tap which they hid from us.


Do you really think

that a hospital

would admit to ever

doing anything

wrong, whether it was

intentional or not?


Well, it seems that they had a precise timeline set for Mikey's death as the nurses informed him on 01/14 that the drugs they were using were working but he'd have to stay in the hospital for 4 more weeks which made absolutely no sense!


Why would they say 4 more weeks when Remdesivir claims a 95% recovery rate for Covid in only 10 days?  And if Mikey really had Covid or only Covid, he would've recovered from it, at home, in the same amount of time or even less!


And, do you know

what is really weird

or, I should say,

sick and evil?  Mikey

passed away on

02/11 which was

exactly 4 weeks later,

according to the

hospital, anyway!


I believe that Mikey actually went into a Hepatic Coma on 02/02 and died before 02/04.  That's why his doctor wouldn't take or return any phone calls from my sister, Jeanne, on 02/03.  They, then, kept Mikey's heart beating, artificially, for 8 - 9 more days.


This photo was taken during a facetime call on 02/04 when Mikey showed no sign of life, whatsoever, while in previous phone calls a nurse claimed that his "eyes were wide open".  You'll see other photos, down below, that further prove Mikey's real time of death.


You'll also see in the updates that Mikey no longer needed arm restraints, a catheter or IVs, anymore, as the hospital admitted to removing them.  Why would they do that to someone who is, supposedly, sedated and still alive?!  


It's like I said, Mikey already died before 02/04 due to the hospital destroying his liver and/or dehydrating him with their drugs but they covered it all up so they could blame everything on Covid, over a week later!


In these messages from 02/06 and 02/08, the doctor claimed that Mikey was "going down slowly" but he already died and that's why he went "peacefully" on 02/11 otherwise, he would've gasped for air when taken off of the ventilator!


It's also why

his face was

turning black 


in this photo

taken on 02/10!


The reason why the nurses told Mikey on 01/14 that he would have to stay in the hospital for another 4 weeks is because the duration between an acute hepatic insult and Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF) is 4 weeks.

IMG_1044 (1).jpg

The acute hepatic insult that caused Mikey's liver to fail was not really due to APAP but the multitude of drugs that the hospital started administering on 01/07. 


This was the same day that his liver enzymes just started to come down from the DILI that he was admitted for on 01/03 and before his liver even had a chance to heal. 


That was on top of Mikey's pre-existing liver disease and use of statin drugs which were all huge contraindications for administering any Covid drugs!


I believe that the hospital started using arm restraints on Mikey, around 01/29, to hide his hand flapping, panic attacks and seizures after his brain became more affected by the toxins in his blood.


On 01/31, Mikey's gallbladder was distended then, on 02/01, it had sludge in it due to bile duct damage and/or the lack of bile production in the liver.  Also, on 02/01, the doctor claimed no liver damage. 


This is after Mikey's liver enzymes were elevated for many days due to the APAP and, again, while on the Remdesivir which is when his severe hemorrhage began along with an increase in his heart and breath rates.


After the doctor lied about Mikey having no liver damage on 02/01, his liver enzymes went up again on 02/02 which they tried blaming on Covid...  Covid DOES NOT cause Elevated Liver Enzymes but APAP and many other drugs do!


Mikey also had diarrhea on 02/02 but no fever.  A doctor friend told me that this was really the day that Mikey died or started dying and I've heard of the same End-Stage Liver Failure Symptoms occurring in other "Covid" deaths. 


You can see how Mikey's FiO2 went from 20% on 02/02 which is lower than Natural Air meaning that he was not receiving any supplemental oxygen, that day, to a whopping 90% on 02/04 indicating a sudden loss of function. 


Don't forget that the doctor wouldn't take or return any calls on 02/03 then admitted on 02/04 to removing Mikey's catheter and IVs because that's actually when all of his organs failed due to liver damage and/or body fluid loss, not Covid.


If Mikey was still alive on 02/03, he most likely spent the entire day having panic attacks and seizures before going into a Coma then dying.  That's why his doctor wouldn't answer the phone or call my sister back with any updates on him.


Of course, the hospital didn't disclose any of this to us but I figured it out with their evasive updates and photos that my sister, Barbie, took.  After Mikey died, they thought it was safe to allow a facetime call with him since he no longer communicate or show any symptoms.

The day after that is when the hospital gave Mikey some more Tylenol, the drug that damaged his liver and imprisoned him their in the first place, to make sure that he was finished off before claiming the day after that one that he was going down slowly.


That's so ridiculous because Mikey was on a Ventilator which would have provided oxygen to his entire body even if his lungs weren't working, at all!  And why exactly wasn't Mikey a candidate for a lung transplant?


The hospital claimed that he was too unstable but the truth is that all of his organs already failed, days earlier, because the hospital ignored his liver damage so they could mistreat him for Covid, instead, KNOWING that it would kill him! 


I doubt that there was ever anything wrong with Mikey's lungs.  I could tell on 01/31 that Mikey's liver was failing because his gallbladder became distended and then filled with sludge.  That's because the liver is responsible for making the bile fluid for it.


Once the toxins took over Mikey's brain, it couldn't tell his other organs what to do anymore and that was it, game over.  I truly believe that the hospitals are, intentionally, dragging these murders out so they can make a million dollars off of each one...

And I believe that they are doing this to thousands, if not millions, of other victims.  Just look up how many people are diagnosed with liver problems, each year, then imagine how many others are going undiagnosed or just having it hidden from them by their doctors!

It's also proven that "Covid" patients receiving APAP and Lasix in hospitals had the worst outcomes.  They really can't be that stupid so it must be intentional!  I think all of that sepsis, cytokine storm and multi-organ failure talk related to Covid is a bunch of BS...

The hospitals are the ones who are killing people with their drugs then blaming it on Covid, cancer and other huge money makers...  And they're pushing Tylenol and all kinds of other garbage on people hoping to round up more victims, just like Mikey!


Mikey's heart and respiratory rates were not that high in the monitor photo due to inflamed lungs like the hospital claimed...  It was due to a severe Hemorrhage which resulted in, Hypovolemia, a significant loss of blood and/or other body fluids.


This is proven by his Normal O2 Levels and other signs and symptoms disclosed by the hospital and by Mikey, himself.  Plus, we have photos of his severe hemorrhage that the hospital caused but continually ignored, hid and lied about!


Like I said, Hypovolemia describes a significant loss of fluid from the body which can result in Hypovolemic Shock.  It can happen due to blood loss or loss of body fluids, such as water, which is exactly what a diuretic, like Lasix, does.

The hospital even continued giving Mikey the Lasix after he began hemorrhaging.  How evil is that?  And, yes, they knew exactly what they were doing!  So, supposedly, on 01/17, Mikey began experiencing pain and a "hematoma" appeared on his chest.


Well, we know from photos taken on 01/20 that it wasn't a hematoma but a hemorrhage due to the size and dark red color.  We also know that the bleeding really began around 01/14, not 01/17, due to the black color on his lower back so those were both lies!  


Don't forget that the nurses told Mikey, on 01/14, which was the same day his internal bleeding began, that the medications they were giving him were working but he'd have to stay in the hospital for another 4 weeks.

If Mikey's illness was really due to Covid, or only Covid, and the Remdesivir that they were giving him claims a 95% recovery rate for Covid within 10 days, then why would he have to stay in the hospital for 4 more weeks?  

Later that day, Mikey told his son that he felt yucky and then, on 01/15, he sent a text message to us saying that he was exhausted.  Later that day, the nurse said that Mikey was doing good but wouldn't let him talk on the phone.


You can also tell, in this update from 01/15, that Mikey was already hemorrhaging as the nurse was prefacing to say that he injured himself and caused his own hemorrhage which would have been impossible for him to do!


On 01/16, Mikey complained to Jeanne that he was dizzy and his nose hurt.  She had to call the nurse for him who, supposedly, went to him immediately.  Later that day, the nurse said that Mikey was doing good but, again, wouldn't let him talk on the phone.


On 01/17, the hospital claimed that Mikey was experiencing pain and then a "hematoma" appeared on his chest (Yes, I know that I'm repeating myself) so they took a CATscan but did not disclose to us what they found or, I should say, what they already knew!


There is no big mystery pertaining to Liver Damage/Disease...  almost everyone has it these days due to all of the chemicals that we put in and on our bodies.  The doctors know all of the signs and symptoms plus the blood and imaging tests prove it!

The hospital did disclose that Mikey's "O2 sat" was good on 01/17 but, again, wouldn't let him talk on the phone...


But, if his O2 saturation was good then that confirms his lungs were still working good.  That means his dizziness, on 01/16, was really due to his hemorrhage and the lack of blood in his body, not inflamed lungs or the lack of oxygen in his blood.  


It also confirms that Mikey already had a substantial amount of Blood Loss by 01/16 and was actually bleeding to death due to the hospital ignoring his real health problem that he was admitted for then causing more harm by administering other drugs...

And, very possibly, some blunt trauma to his liver!  On 01/18, Dr Jessica Lee started pushing the ventilator on Mikey and falsely blaming his decline on inflamed lungs instead of his severe hemorrhage that they, obviously, caused...


She claimed that his lab levels weren't as good as they were due to him working so hard to breath but his hematomas looked better which was a bunch of BS proven by the fact that he was STILL HEMORRHAGING, SEVERELY, in the photos taken on 01/20! 


I don't think we received an update on 01/19 except that Mikey was, supposedly, feeling better but he didn't respond to our text messages. 


On 01/20, we clearly saw in photos taken by my sister, Barbie, that Mikey really had a hemorrhage and he was still actively bleeding...  It was not just a hematoma, a localized area of mostly clotted blood, and it was NOT healing like Dr Jessica Lee claimed!

We also clearly saw that Mikey's heart rate (HR) was 104 beats per minute and his respirations (RR) were 36 breaths per minute. His blood pressure (NBP) and temperature sensors were, suspiciously, disconnected but I'm sure that they were, both, very low!


Dr Jessica Lee pretended to be very concerned about Mikey's lungs during this time but also had his SpO2 sensor disconnected...  Below is what a Vital Signs monitor should look like when doctors are not, intentionally, neglecting and mistreating their patients!


All of this means that the hospital was, definitely, hiding the fact that Mikey was, actually, bleeding to death as he already lost 1500-2000ml or 30-40% of his total blood volume according to the CLASSES OF HEMORRHAGE chart.


Mikey also complained of his eyes hurting on 01/20 which could've been either liver or blood loss related.


On 01/21, Dr Zachary Brittingham continued hiding and lying about Mikey's severe hemorrhage that they caused by blaming his shortness of breath on Covid, instead, when he claimed that his "hematoma" was healing but his breathing was the same.


On 01/22, Mikey was given 1 unit of blood but the hospital did not disclose why it was necessary...  But anyone with half a brain knows that a cold virus doesn't cause easy/uncontrollable bleeding, right?!


Also, on 01/22, the hospital disclosed that Mikey's VSS (Vital Signs Stable) were "good still on cpap" meaning that his oxygen levels were still good and also meaning that his lungs were still working good.

IMG_6185 (1).jpg

Mikey's problem was not lung damage due to Covid but blood loss due to the hospital's, intentional, neglect and mistreatment of his APAP Poisoning and Liver Damage which caused easy/uncontrollable bleeding.


Just like they are doing to millions of other people by not Decontaminating them anymore which is proven on Table 16A from!

Don't you wonder, now, if anyone actually died of Covid... or, even, the Flu?  Heck, I'm even starting to wonder if Cancer really exists!


On 01/23, they gave Mikey 100% oxygen, Seroquel and Precedex because his respirations were 30-39 breaths per minute and he felt very anxious.  This Respiratory Rate, Mental Status and photo of bleeding liver indicate a Class III Hemorrhage.


Both of those anti-anxiety drugs, by the way, are to be strictly avoided in liver damage patients and so are blood transfusions!  The fact that Mikey was even given a blood transfusion is proof that he had a hemorrhage and not a hematoma.  

Of course, this is when the hospital pushed the ventilator, even more, to try and hide the fact that Mikey was going into Hypovolemic Shock due to them administering Other drugs instead of the NAC for his APAP Poisoning and Liver Damage.

Like I said before and also proven in Table 15 from, they are doing this to millions of other patients because if Other was a proven antidote for a poisoning like NAC is or even a recommended Therapy, it would be listed separately!

On 01/24, Mikey told our mother that he never felt so sick before in his entire life and he wished that the hospital would just let him die.  That was the last time we heard from our dear Mikey as he was intubated the next morning.


On 01/27, Dr. G said that he would check Mikey's "bruise" and advise us which he never did...  BUT, if Dr. G was, still, concerned about a "bruise" that occurred 2 weeks ago then that means the "bruise" was, still, really a hemorrhage!


The pictures, below, taken by me on 02/08 shows fluid build-up (Edema) in Mikey's hands...  Although they had his legs elevated that day to drain the fluid from them, it was still very noticeable in his abdominal area.


The easy bleeding (Coagulopathy) at Mikey's cuticles is due to the Pulse Oximeter and more proof of liver failure.  These dark spots cause inaccurate readings which is why the Pulse Oximeter is not on a bigger finger where it is supposed to be!


If Mikey's organs were failing due to Low Oxygen Levels, you would also be able to see Signs of Respiratory Distress like Cyanosis, a blue discoloration, in his fingers and toes but, nope, they were yellow (Jaundice) due to Liver Failure.


You can also see the Jaundice and Coagulopathy in the videos, below, taken by me on 02/08 but no Signs of Respiratory Distress, whatsoever!  No grunting, nose flaring, retractions, sweating, wheezing or changes in his body position!

IMG_7986 (1).jpg

This is the same day that the hospital claimed that Mikey's body and organs were failing due to severe lung damage from Covid...  If that was anywhere near the truth, he'd be gasping for air and his lips and tongue would be blue!

Towards the end of Mikey's extremely suspicious death, the hospital pretended to search for an infection which was most likely Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis in the fluid build-up (Ascites) due to liver failure.


The picture, below, taken by one of Mikey's friends on 02/10 shows how the hospital hid his fluid build-up in his stomach, arms and legs with a sheet as they never had him covered up this much before!


His grey-black coloring (Putrefaction) proves that he had already been dead for 4-10 days as there is no way that his face should've been darker after spending a month and a half inside a hospital with absolutely no sunshine!


Mikey really died on 02/03 or 02/02 which was 8-9 days before they unplugged him.  FYI, life support machines maintain the person's breathing, heart rate and body warmth which gives the illusion that the person is still alive.


Do you really think that the doctors, nurses and staff don't know that all of this is happening or what is causing it?  Well, if I can figure it out then you know that THEY DAMN SURE KNOW when they see it or, I should say, cause it everyday!


BTW, my niece who's a nurse claims that bleeding is normal in Covid patients...  Now, if she's seeing hemorrhages so often that those idiotic words would even come out of her mouth then they are definitely killing a lot of people this way!

There's also a witness who can testify that Mikey's hemorrhage covered his entire stomach when seen on 02/09.  Be sure to read the names of those involved at the bottom of the page because I am hearing similar stories from others.


This text is from a friend of mine whose mother passed away in Oct 2021, supposedly, from Covid.  She was also taking statin drugs and Tylenol and, as you can see, had the same exact symptoms as Mikey did.


This hospital, in Florida, lied and pretended that they didn't know what was causing her internal bleeding, or "bruising" as they called it to make it seem insignificant, just like our hospital did with Mikey.

Easy bleeding is a sure sign of Liver Damage because, as I said before, the liver is responsible for blood clotting.  You can also see the jaundice in her face and swollen hands, just like Mikey had.


This hospital lied to my friend, again, and claimed that her mother had encephalitis due to a bacterial infection from Covid when it was really Hepatic Encephalopathy due to the buid-up of toxins in her blood from her liver failure.

They know all of these Liver Failure symptoms and drug side affects reactions, very well...  So, I am betting that the Lasix which was given to my friend's mom and to Mikey was used to hide their Ascites and precipitate their comas. 

They just don't make enough money from just giving them the antidote or just telling them to stop taking the Drugs that are causing their real problem which is liver damage!

My friend wasn't allowed to visit her mom either until in a Coma and unable to communicate.  She had great health insurance coverage, too, and after 2 weeks of mistreatment was given the same "4 more weeks" timeline.


And, just so you know, most health insurance plans max out at a million dollars which takes approximately 6 weeks in the hospital!  It's the same story (drugs, symptoms, lies, mistreatment, timeline and hospital bill) over and over!


The picture, below, is of a 41 year old man who resided in Michigan and, supposedly, died of Covid.  You can see the swelling in his hand, just like Mikey's and my friend's mom's, indicating Liver Failure.  He had other similar symptoms, as well.


I wrote to his wife and asked her if he took Tylenol, too...  She said that he did not use it at home but was pumped full of it when he arrived at the hospital for, supposedly, a case of Pneumonia.  You can read an excerpt of her reply, below:


Tylenol is not even an anti-inflammatory so there's not much reason to give it to someone for a virus, other than to damage their livers.  Be aware, also, that Tylenol blunts emotions and makes patients more compliant!


I'm sure that the majority of these victims are really dying of Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure, not Covid.  The hospitals are not only aware of this happening and hiding it but are also creating it as I proved!

IMG_3713 (2)_edited.jpg

These sickos continue to get away with it because they falsify medical records.  Now, Jase will never get to see his daddy, again, because Inspira tortured and killed him for covid money which is also fraud! 



Protocol Doesn't Kill,

People Do!


Michael A. Gallo

12/03/58 - 02/02/22 or 02/03/22

but, definitely, not on 02/11/22